Above are some beautiful pictures from a show of period fashion by the fantastic Studio Vintage at Municipal House in Prague!Now not only do I have a love of vintage and antique period fashion (and an obvious vested interest) but the hat featured in the photos is from our very own StolenAttic  Ivana from Studio Vintage purchased this hat to use in her show and it just looks fantastic.It is a beautiful thing when you hear of your stock going to live a new lease of life, whether that is in someone's home as part of their collection, a birthday gift, an occasion or like this hat Studio Vintages' fab fashion show.This is the beauty of buying and selling antiques and vintage, it has had a life before you and will continue to have one again and again.The hat in particular was a 1940's black velvet whimsical number by Peter Mann, below is a picture of it in our shop before it left us for a new life of stardom and fame. 

 If you would like to see more from Studio Vintage and the fabulous work they do then you can find them using the below links:On their website: www.studio-vintage.czOn Facebook: www.facebook.com/studiovintageInstagram and TwitterOf course you can visit us at our shops: StolenAttic.com, Etsy and Ruby Lane or read more of our blogs and find the links to our social media by visiting our home page