Antique and Vintage items are often associated with the old, with the past however they also play a role in helping to shape our future.

When buying Antique and Vintage items you are not only buying a piece of history with its own magical and often mysterious story to tell but you are also helping to save our planet, yes you heard me right, save our planet.

Buying items with a past, from the past helps to build a better future.

It prevents beautiful items from otherwise ending up in landfill (yes this sadly happens), it helps to prevent further damaging planet pollution by reducing the need for new manufacture and processing which puts a heavy strain on our already strained planet.

Items from times past were very often made by hand (not all, many though) such as jewellers, silversmiths, tailors and furniture makers, they are usually a much higher quality than items produced in today’s fast moving market of throwaway culture, they were made with precision, skill and years of training and passion for one's trade, of course these are my personal views and I know there will be some perfectly skilled craftsmen and women out there today, these are sadly now though a minority.

There are so many reasons that buying Antiques and Vintage are helping to save our planet, you would get bored of me waffling on about it all here.

Thank you! Thank you for being a part of the beautiful and mysterious world of vintage and antiques and for doing your bit to help shape a better future for the world we live in!

At StolenAttic we are always conscious of helping to reduce our carbon footprint and wherever possible we try to use packaging that is kinder to our planet at the same time as protecting your purchase.

The tissue paper we use is acid free or unbleached natural tissue paper and is 100% recyclable.

The cardboard boxes are made from natural undyed or processed cardboard and are 100% recyclable.

The black mailing bags are made from 100% biodegradable materials and will naturally decompose over time.

The bubble envelopes we use are made from 60% recycled materials and the paper component is 100% recyclable, they are FSC approved and use paper from responsible sources.

The packaging chips that we use in your package are Eco Flo by Greenlight, they are 100% biodegradable and compostable (so no need to stick them in the waste) and follow the EN13432 standard, they are made using non gm raw materials using a low energy process.

We are constantly looking at more ways that we can reduce the amount of non-recyclable packaging we use and will update this page with any changes.

From all at StolenAttic, a big thank you, for continuing to support small business and help save our planet.

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