Antique gold seal fob, Cross, Sardonyx

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A gorgeous antique, 19th century gold seal fob.

Rounded base with the top designed as a cross or crucifix in 9ct yellow gold, the piece is engraved throughout with fine detailing.

This little seal fob is a most interesting piece, it was once a Stanhope piece, one tiny lense can still be seen, the other side has been covered at a later point, possibly due to it being damaged at some point but the actual reason is a mystery, soft solder can be seen on the covered end.

It has a small jump ring attached for hanging from a watch chain or a necklace.

The base of the seal is set with sardonyx, deep orangey red with a white covering, un-carved matrix so could be personalised.

A charming piece rich in mystery and beauty.

Unmarked, tests as 9ct gold.

Good used condition overall, signs of use and wear commensurate with age, soft solder to one end of the cross and Stanhope closed up.

Approx measurements:
0.75" height
0.5" width at the base

Weighs approx 1.79 gram

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