Antique hand fans, Victorian papier mache face screens

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An Absolutely beautiful pair of Victorian papier mache hand fans or face screens.

This beautiful pair have detail so intricate that each time you study them you see something new.

There are two different scenes that both feature birds in a garden setting, they are made from papier mache and are carefully hand painted and lacquered.
The handles are made from turned gilt wood and metal.

Birds and nature were a very popular subject in Victorian art with ladies even adorning hats with taxidermy birds and jewels with real insects.

Face screens were originally used to shield the face from heat from a fire or stove, this had a dual purpose to it, one being preventing a red flush to the skin which would be considered unbecoming, the second was to prevent the thick white makeup used by ladies in the early Victorian era from 'melting' in the heat.

Each fan has a decorative scalloped edging, the backs are plain black lacquered.

Screen fans are said to be the oldest recorded style of fan with roots dating back to 13th century and taking inspiration from palm leaves or bird wings.

Good condition overall, some small chips to the edges, crazing to the front and back image and lacquer, slight wobble in one of the handles, they both have remnants of adhesive on the reverse and also have a hole through the top of each where they have been used as wall decor.

Approx measurements:
15" total length
9" fan / screen width
7.5" fan / screen length
10" total handle length

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