Antique Robinson Crusoe, Daniel Defoe, Georgian book

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A rare edition of Robinson Crusoe, by the man himself Daniel Defoe.

Published in 1822, the precise publication date is included in the book and it is 12th April 1822, the Georgian era during the short reign of King George IV.

Very scarce edition published by D Mackay, half calf binding and with 2 engravings one of which is not present.

I cannot find any other of the same edition online or in archives, very limited publication.

The full title being: 'The surprising adventures of Robinson Crusoe during a solitary residence of 28 years, on an unknown island, in the vast Pacific ocean by Daniel Defoe.

Front engraving is missing the second is in good condition, there is some weakness of the spine and general ageing can be seen, there is a melancholy owners note pasted on the front inner board which concerns borrowing books and not returning them.

This is a highly collectable book and a very scarce edition.

The original Crusoe first published in the 1700's has been loved, adapted and collected for many years and still is today, this is a fantastic opportunity to own a scarce edition of a classic in literary history.

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