Antique silk and bone hand fan

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An absolutely beautiful antique, Victorian era hand fan.

Made with decorative carved bovine bone sticks and guards, carefully highlighted with silver enamel paint.

The body of the fan is made from silk with such pretty decoration, a hand painted top border of delicate blue forget me not flowers with silver swags, it has further hand painted scenes of larger floral sprays and tiny silver sequins.

It has a small metal hanging / carry loop at the base and this has tiny little mother of pearl washes.

Fans were a large part of a Victorian ladies attire and they served a larger purpose than to cool things down!

Fans were used by ladies as a form of silent communication between her and a prospective gentleman or a close friend, they were used to give permission to a kiss, to convey the lady was already taken and even sometimes angrily.

In fact there was entire silent language built around the fan and its position and it is fascinating to research.

It was widely known by both sexes what the different fan positions were and since fans were such an important part of social etiquette they were often one of the most decorative items a lady owned.

Good used condition overall, some age commensurate signs of use and wear.

Approx 11.25" length, 20" width open and 1" width closed.

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