Antique Victorian dog collar, silver plated, with padlock and key

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A charming antique Victorian silver plated dog collar.

Aesthetic era engraving this beautifully crafted collar is a slice of antique jewellery for your beloved four legged friend.

It has pretty engraving, a loop type fastening with 3 different size settings, it has the original brass padlock and key.

It would suit a smaller breed, it is leather lined for comfort and the leather is very soft but shows some wear in places.

Silver plated brass with a touch of the brass showing through though this gives it a nice look, it has no names engraved so could be carefully personalised.

Condition is good overall, working lock and key, some wear and patina, slightly off round shape.

Approximate size including frame is:
12.5" max setting circ
13" total length / circumference
0.75" width

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