Rare antique meerschaum pipe, Leda and the Swan

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A beautiful, rare antique 19th century meerschaum and Amber smoking pipe.

Very finely carved as a depiction of Leda and the Swan, the infamous tale and art subject hailing from Greek Mythology.

The bowl and shank all expertly carved from meerschaum, it has an aesthetic engraved silver collar, unmarked, tests as sterling silver and a rich deep Amber stem / mouthpiece.

The story and artworks were surrounded in much controversy and were discouraged as a topic in some areas and certain time periods.

Most of the original old masters artworks from the 15th / 16th centuries being confined to Italy and sometimes France.

Much of the late 18th century and early 19th century saw the art disappeared from show with a resurgence in the mid - late 19th century, around the time that this beauty was created.

The story has it that the God Zeus disguised himself as a Swan to seduce the beautiful Leda.

There is exceptionally great attention to detail on this one.

The stem does detach from the pipe, see photos, though it holds in well.

It comes all packed safely in its original leather bound and velvet lined case.

Very good used condition overall, rich patina to the meerschaum, stem and mouthpiece very good, it has been smoked but overall very well kept, the case has a loose hinge and some wear.

Approx measurements: (out of case)
4.75" total length
2" total height

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