Antique 18th century dog collar, mastiff

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A very interesting antique, 18th century dog collar.

It is a mastiff collar but could be used for other large breeds.

A nice early example here, rich in history, all hand forged, it is made from thick grain leather which has been hand sewn with a heavy hand forged iron plate to protect the dogs neck, it is secured to the leather with hand forged copper rivets.

These collars were designed to help protect your beloved pet from attack from predators when out on a hunt or protecting farmland and flocks.

The forests in Europe were once full of vicious predators such as wolves and bears, even wild boars were known to attack dogs and humans when they felt under threat, since most of these predators were aiming for the kill they would go for the dogs throat, these collars were designed to protect the dog from such attacks.

This is an unusual piece due to its less barbaric appearance, many protection collars were covered in sinister looking spikes whereas this does not.

A very nice opportunity to own a good early example dog collar.

Leather is dry with some cracking to it, it is very old so to be expected, all intact, wear and rusting to the buckle fastener.

Approx measurements:
Iron panel 6.5" width
Iron panel 2" height
Leather strap long side 15.75"
Leather strap short side 5.5"
Leather width 1"
Buckle width 1.25"
Circumference largest setting 26"
Circumference smallest setting 20"

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