Antique French opaline glass casket, 19th century box

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税金(包含)。 结账时计算的运费
A gorgeous antique French French Bulle de Savon or opaline glass jewellery casket.

A large rectangular casket with canted corners, it is very heavy and solid made from thick cut opaline glass with a bronze rim.

It does not have a key but does have a lock front, the reverse of the rim where the hinge is has some decorative engraving.

Ideal for storing small jewellery items / trinkets or as a pretty decor piece.

Good condition overall some wear to the rim, would have been gilded but the gilt has worn, the hinge is slightly pushed at the back from the weight of the heavy glass lid so it does not clip closed.

Approx measurements:
6" width
2.5" height
3" length

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