Antique French jewellery casket, alabaster, flower diaroma

常规价格 £349.00

税金(包含)。 结账时计算的运费
A rare, large French antique jewellery casket.

This magnificent piece is made from neutral toned alabaster with golden ormolu mounts and a push front opening.

The interior is lined in red velvet and the casket has a mirrored base.

Perhaps the most magnificent thing about this casket is the dried flower diaroma which is inset into the lid and covered with a lightly domed glazing.

It does have some damages as noted below but the price reflects this.

It is large and heavy, suitable for holding larger jewellery items.

Fair used condition overall some wear to the rim, the body if the casket is good as is the velvet lining, the gilt is still vibrant throughout, the lid sees significant damage to the alabaster with numerous cracks and one area with some lifting, diaroma is in good condition and the glass is free from chips or cracks though slightly wobbly, the inner mirror has tarnish.

Approx measurements:
6.5" width
2.5" height
5" length

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