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Why Choose Antique Jewellery?


A collection of antique jewellery

Well we are obviously biased here but I can think of so many reasons to choose antique jewellery!

It's not just us either, antique and vintage jewellery has come a long way in how it is perceived today, it is no longer unglamorous and reserved for the back of a dusty antiques shop or your grandparents forgotten jewel box, it's big now, popular, amongst glitzy celeb clients, your sister (we are guessing here!), colleagues and of course royalty to name but a few.

So why all the hype? and why now?

Well the fact we are more eco conscious today may have helped to shine the spotlight on vintage and antique jewellery as it is one of the most sustainable choices available when shopping for a new piece, off the top of my head I can't think of anything more sustainable than a pre-loved piece, it is pure sustainable luxury at it's best.

It was created a long time ago (probably before you were) so has already been manufactured and distributed, this eliminates the need to mine further gemstones or precious metals, that is already a huge reduction in it's c02 footprint as opposed to buying a similar piece new, you are also prolonging the life of a piece already created and are not contributing to damaging the environment further by preventing contribution to damaging processes like landfill.

Not only is it more healthy for the planet in general but if you choose a dealer who is eco conscious then more than just the jewellery may be a greener choice, for example here at StolenAttic we aim to use eco friendly packaging and carbon offset couriers wherever possible, we also donate monthly to tree planting via TreeApp, making your antique jewellery purchase even more sustainable.

Oh and do we need to mention the craftsmanship? the quality? Antique pieces in our opinion are really second to none, painstakingly hand crafted by masters of the trade using the finest of materials and best gemstones, it is really incomparable in quality and what makes it extra special is that each piece is unique, not only in design or style but it has it's own story, a history, sometimes known and other times not so much but that gives it a touch of mystery too!

Many newly manufactured jewellery today is inspired by styles and designs from the past from sumptuous Art Deco rings to elaborate Victorian earrings, the designs have been copied over many years but nothing beats the originals! 

It is no longer uninspiring old fashioned jewellery, unwanted and forgotten (not that we ever thought it was) it is beautiful, historical, luxurious and sexy as well as being one of the most sustainable choices around and what more could you ask for in a jewel?



All opinions are the authors own and should not be taken as legal advice, please always seek out the appropriate advice when making any buying or other decisions.

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