Our ethos

Whilst our ultimate passions are jewellery and family! our planet is very important to us, here at StolenAttic we believe that we can all work together in helping to protect the world we live in, both right now and for future generations.

With our strong family ethos  providing our future generations with a healthy, happy place to live is very close to our hearts, a thriving planet is something we all strive for, for all people across the globe for many centuries to come.

We can't change the world alone but we strongly believe that each small change, each positive step we can take together leads to bigger things.

Buying and selling antique and vintage jewellery has always been a passion of ours, for so many reasons, but within this passion you can also find big benefits for our planet.

When buying antique and vintage jewellery or a pre loved piece you are also making a greener, more sustainable shopping choice, not only are you purchasing some of the finest treasures from times past, rich in history and luxury, hand crafted by master tradesmen from the finest materials, you are also protecting the planet by choosing used, great for you and great for the earth.

There is no need to mine precious stones or metals from the earth, or release further carbon into the atmosphere, these treasures already exist and they are ready to be worn and cherished for many years to come. 

We are always looking for new ways of making our business as green as possible and we want to say thank you to all of our customers for helping to support our mission for a greener tomorrow. 

We always try and use recyclable, biodegradable and eco friendly packaging wherever we can and purchase from eco friendly and certified carbon neutral UK companies.

Being an online only business also helps us to further reduce our carbon footprint by reducing consumption of fossil fuels and energy usage.

We are members of a number of global recycling schemes to ensure we are doing our part across the globe. 

We choose lower carbon deliveries where possible to get your items to you in the most eco friendly way, with DHL we use Go Green shipping and you can find more information about this here.

As a business we also donate monthly to TreeApp each sale made via our website helps us to donate more to planting trees each month, thank you for your help, please head over to Treeapp to see more information about their services and making the planet a greener place. 

Together we can be more sustainable, so thank you all for choosing a greener way to shop and thank you for choosing us to join you on the journey. 

Each purchase via our website helps us to plant new trees each month with Treeap.

StolenAttic are proud members of the National Association of Jewellers.