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Antique Diamond Chick bangle, Pearl, Ruby and White Enamel, 12ct gold

Antique Diamond Chick bangle, Pearl, Ruby and White Enamel, 12ct gold

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Words simply cannot express how wonderful this piece is, an antique Diamond Chick bangle hailing from the late Victorian era.

Such a rare piece to find, these little chicks were most often found on brooches or converted from brooches to pendants.

This charming antique bangle features a rose cut diamond studded baby chick, freshly hatched from his white enamel egg with a ruby eye and two cultured pearls at either end which are his unhatched siblings.

It is beyond adorable and to find a piece like this as a bangle is an absolute delight.

The bangle is made from the highly sought after 12ct gold and is an expandable bangle with a slender gold wire joined at the centre back.

Perhaps this was originally an Easter gift for someone special but the hatching chick motif also holds a great deal of symbolism and the Victorians were well known for their symbolic jewels, traditionally the chick or hatching chick symbolises new beginnings and the start of a new chapter, bringing food fortune in new ventures.

Marks and era:
Unmarked, electronically tests as 12ct gold and sterling silver, Late Victorian era c1890s

Approx measurements:
8" total outer circumference (not expanded)
2.36" inner diameter
Chick 11.5mm length
Bangle 1.5mm thickness

Weighs approx 7.24 grams

Good used condition overall, very minor surface wear, tiny amount of nacre loss to the pearls, one cultured pearl replaced, minor glue residue seen near both pearls.

Gemstone weights are all estimated within the setting unless otherwise stated and should be used as a guide not a guaranteed weight.

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