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Antique Egyptian revival scarab brooch, 9ct gold, Victorian

Antique Egyptian revival scarab brooch, 9ct gold, Victorian

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The insect jewellery of the Victorian and Edwardian eras is always popular, like this gorgeous antique, Egyptian revival, 9ct gold and scarab beetle brooch.

This piece features a real scarab beetle, claw set to the centre in a bloomed 9ct gold mount which has an interesting chain link border, this is further mounted to a 9ct yellow gold bar brooch.

The Victorian's began somewhat of an obsession with insect themed jewels from scarabs to spiders, entomology was increasingly popular with insects appearing in many places not least jewellery.

They were seen as an exotic fashion and this carried on into the early 20th century and is certainly a popular choice amongst our customers (and us!) Today.

This scarab is a fairly elongated beetle with a mostly black body colour with flashes of vibrant green.

It has a pin and c type clasp fastener.

Marks and era:
Unmarked, tests as 9ct gold, c1900, Victorian era

Fair used condition overall, light surface wear commensurate with age, some light surface wear, dark marks and file marks to the gold in small areas probably from previous testing.

Approx measurements
Length 0.75"
Width 1.50"

Weight approx 3.49 grams

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