Antique Victorian cranberry glass scent bottle

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A beautiful antique, Victorian era cranberry glass scent bottle.

Faceted smooth cut, rich deep red cranberry glass with a repousse sterling silver flip top lid, depicting fruit and flora.

The scent bottle comes with its original tiny glass stopper which is a nice thing to see as very often these are lost along their journey.

A beautiful addition to the collection or for your favourite scent.

Scent bottles were sold empty in the Victorian era and the lady would have the bottle filled with her scebt of choice at a perfumiers, they often adorned the dressing table and were as much an item of beauty as they were an item of function.

Good condition overall, some minor surface scratches to the glass, some residual marks in the bottle inside.

Approx 3.5" height, 1.5" width and 1" length / depth.

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